Quick Teaching Tips: Flourishing as a Teacher

What does it mean to flourish as a teacher? Now that we’re at the end of a tough year, it’s a great time to reflect on what fulfills us about our teaching and our work with students.

Defined as an “optimal range of overall well-being,” flourishing doesn’t mean that in everything is always perfect. Dr. Brandy Simula describes flourishing as being connected to purpose, relationships, and growth that give life and work meaning. So how might you reflect on teaching in terms of flourishing? Consider these questions, based on the PERMA model of well-being: What about teaching brings you positive emotions? The highest level of engagement? Satisfying relationships? The most meaning? And, finally, a significant sense of accomplishment? Consider these as you plan for next year.

What makes you flourish as a teacher? Share your reflections with us and earn a Reflective Teaching Badge token.


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