2023 TA and Future Faculty Awards Day

Gold and White Balloons falling from the ceiling

At the April 19th TA and Future Faculty Awards Day, the Center for Teaching and Learning recognized the accomplishments of our undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants, as well as our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who have achieved milestones in their teaching development. This event featured three groups of honorees: Tech to Teaching and CIRTL teaching certificates, CTL graduate student cohorts, and TA of the Year Award winners.

The TA and Future Faculty Awards Day program lists the names and schools of everyone honored at the event. In addition to the awards ceremony and reception in the Exhibition Hall Midtown Ballroom, the ceremony was live-streamed via Zoom.

Two students stand near poster

ECE students Rudranshu Datta and Nealson Li stand by their TA Awards poster

Future Faculty Teaching Certificates

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars receive the CIRTL Associate certificate for completing 10 learning outcomes that are organized around major pillars of evidence-based teaching: how students learn, the impact of student diversity on learning, effective teaching techniques, creating and assessing learning goals, and integrating technology into teaching. Members go on to earn the Tech to Teaching certificate for completing a mentored teaching capstone. This academic year, CTL awarded 69 CIRTL Associate Certificates and 57 Tech to Teaching certificates.

Graduate Student Cohorts

Graduate students contribute to teaching and learning at Georgia Tech through participation in two CTL cohort programs. The Graduate Teaching Fellows serve as peer mentors for TAs and graduate students engaged in teaching development. The International TA Liaisons are developing a community of support for international teaching assistants.

TA of the Year Awards

The TA Awards process begins at the school level, where each school selects one outstanding teaching assistant within each of five categories: Undergraduate TA of the Year, Graduate TA of the Year, Graduate Student Instructor of the Year, Online TA of the Year, and Online Head TA of the Year. This year, 57 outstanding Teaching Assistants were recognized, representing all six colleges and 24 schools and programs. From this pool, three winners per category were selected as Institute-wide TA of the Year and each received an award of $500.

The Center for Teaching and Learning congratulates the following Institute-wide TA of the Year Award winners as well as all 172 undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars who were recognized at this year’s event!

Three students hold certificates and large checks

2023 GSI of the Year winners Yasser El Masri (Architecture), James Anderson (Mathematics), and Meaghan McSorley (City & Regional Planning)

Undergraduate TA of the Year

Bret Hendrics Mathematics
Grant Hollosi Computer Science
Maeve Janecka Biology

Graduate TA of the Year

Santana Afton Mathematics
Markace Rainey Chemistry & Biochemistry
Leo Wood Physics

Graduate Student Instructor of the Year

James Anderson Mathematics
Yasser El Masri Architecture
Meaghan McSorley City & Regional Planning

Online TA of the Year

Adavya Bhutani Division of Computer Instruction
Caroline Miller Biomedical Engineering
TJ LaGrow Computer Science

Online Head TA of the Year

Ryan Ellis Economics
Aleksandr Kalenchits Division of Computer Instruction
Abdulaziz Qwbaiban Electrical & Computer Engineering


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