Making the Rapid Shift to Remote Learning Podcast

“Nobody has to do [teach remotely] perfectly. I don’t think anybody is expecting perfection, at least not initially. I think getting something out there, getting your ideas gathered…is a great way to do it.” Dr. Vincent Spezzo

In this special episode of the Teaching & Learning Buzz podcast, Carol and Rebecca are joined by two campus experts in online teaching and learning, Dr. David Joyner, Associate Director of Student Experience for the Online Master of Science in Computer Science program, College of Computing, and Dr. Vincent Spezzo, Program Manager of Teaching and Learning Online, Center for Teaching and Learning. As we move to remote teaching for the rest of the Spring semester, David and Vincent share tips and strategies for making the most of the semester in this new environment. We talk about how to prioritize your course content, keep your teaching strategy and technology use easy, connect with your students, maintain inclusivity, and many other tips from our experts.

“There are really good tools out there, there’s really nice technologies and things like that, and now probably is not the time to learn them. Now is the time to keep things simple, keep things familiar, and figure out how to do this online using as few new technologies, as many technologies as you already know, as possible.” Dr. David Joyner

Visit the episode 4 page for show notes, a transcript, and links to additional resources.

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