Transitioning Active Learning to a Remote Instruction Environment

As part of the Georgia Tech Remote Teaching Academy for faculty, members of the Center for Teaching and Learning faculty created a variety of short videos on key topics related to remote teaching. All of the videos can be found on the Remote Teaching Academy Canvas site. We will highlight the videos in this series of posts over the next few weeks as well. Visit the CTL Keep Teaching site for extensive resources for teaching remotely. CTL faculty are also available to talk, answer questions, and think through pedagogical approaches with you. Request a chat here.

Research tells us again and again that active learning has the biggest impact on student learning. When students can work with the material, test out the learning, and learn from their own mistakes, learning is more likely to “stick.” In this video, CTL Faculty Teaching and Learning Specialist Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark briefly defines active learning and offers tips for taking strategies that work in face-to-face courses online.

Transcript (PDF)

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