From Rapid Change to Refined Teaching Panel

On March 30, 2022, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Provost Teaching and Learning Fellows (PTLF) program sponsored a pedagogical panel discussion organized by the College of Engineering PTLF cohort and titled “From Rapid Change to Refined Teaching: How the Pandemic Inspired Lasting Teaching Improvements. The workshop was held in a hybrid format with participants joining both in person and virtually. Below is the workshop description, link to the handouts, and video.

Workshop Description
During the early part of the pandemic, the rapid and radical changes to higher education required all educators to adapt our approach to teaching. While these changes were disruptive, the experience also created an opportunity to experiment with completely new approaches to teaching. These flexible, hybrid-approaches yielded benefits to engineering student learning and well-being, which are still useful in person. This panel will explore the ways in which engineering faculty matured and retained innovations in teaching beyond the early pandemic. How can we tell which of the changes best facilitate student learning and are worthy of keeping? How have these innovations impacted our students’ experiences? How can we make these changes visible and demonstrate their impact? We invite you to come to listen to your colleagues’ stories and to share your experiences with transforming engineering education.

Panelists include the Provost Teaching and Learning Fellows from the College of Engineering:

  • Brian Gunter, Aerospace Engineering
  • Satish Kumar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Adam Steinberg, Aerospace Engineering
  • Linda Wills, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Ying Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Panel moderator: Carol Subiño Sullivan, Center for Teaching and Learning

Workshop Slides


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