Announcing “On The Pedagogy of Belonging”: A New Blog Series by Julian Rose

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The Center of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a new blog series, ‘On The Pedagogy of Belonging’. This is a seven-part series of essays written by Julian Rose for the Georgia Institute of Technology Center for Teaching and Learning. As a former middle school science teacher and current GT Graduate Teaching Fellow and Ph.D student in Biomedical Engineering, Julian has learned and practiced in-depth concepts of social justice in education.

In this series, Julian explores belonging as a framework capable of shifting higher education. The series of essays commences with Rose contending with the proliferation of ‘inclusive pedagogy’, and lands with a brief, sharp push for all educators to adopt pedagogies of belonging into their praxis. The first two topics, ‘Inclusive Pedagogy’ as the Bare Minimum, and Institutional Harm Case Study: Your Instructor Is Racist, Now What? are available now, with new topics posted weekly for the next four weeks.

Julian Rose also served on the student panel at CTL’s recent Teaching and Learning Forum. At this Forum, Stanford professor Geoffrey Cohen spoke about the causes and consequences of a sense of belonging in school, and delivered a set of science-backed techniques for fostering belonging in diverse institutions. Research by Cohen and colleagues has found that small acts that establish connection, brief activities such as reflecting on core values, and a slew of practices that he refers to under the general rubric of “situation-crafting,” improve motivation and performance in school and work, lessen polarization in our politics, combat racism in our communities, benefit health and well-being, and unleash the potential in ourselves and our relationships.

We hope you will take the time to read this blog series and perhaps revisit the talk by Cohen, particularly in advance of the Institute’s DEI Symposium on Sept 14th.

On The Pedagogy of Belonging: A 7-part blog series by Julian Rose

  1. ‘Inclusive Pedagogy’ as the Bare Minimum
  2. Institutional Harm Case Study: Your Instructor Is Racist, Now What?
  3. Power and Privilege in the Classroom
  4. Pedagogy of Belonging (Coming soon!)
  5. Circle of Courage and Classroom Climate (Coming soon!)
  6. Disability Justice is Good Teaching Praxis (Coming soon!)
  7. Representation without Solidarity is Skin-Deep Change (Coming soon!)
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