CTL Partners with Scheller to Provide Several Sessions at the 2023 DSI Conference

DSI Conference Atlanta

The 54th annual Decisions Science Institute (DSI) Conference, held on November 18th-20th, was a melting pot of innovative ideas and quality teaching practices whose audience was largely composed of faculty from business colleges all across the globe. This year, Atlanta played host to the event with several members of Georgia Tech’s faculty playing key roles in putting on the conference, presenting sessions, and even serving as keynote speakers. CTL’s own Dr. Vincent Spezzo partnered with Scheller’s Dr. Tatiana Rudchenko to organize and present three sessions that highlighted some of the unique and innovative pedagogical practices being established her at Georgia Tech. Here’s a recap of how each session not only met but exceeded our expectations, marking them as significant successes in the realm of educational innovation.


Workshop: Teaching Management Statistics and Management Science Using Video Quizzing

Dr. Spezzo and Dr. Rudchenko presenting.The workshop on “Teaching Management Statistics and Management Science Using Video Quizzing” was a standout success, showcasing an ongoing Teaching with Technology partnership between Dr. Spezzo and Dr. Rudchenko that focused on the integration of video technologies in education. The session’s focus on an online quizzing system, specifically video quizzing, which opened new horizons for educators wanting to add a more active element to their video lectures. Participants were introduced to both the technology and process in implementing a video quiz system, which has shown substantial benefits in student outcomes.

What made this workshop particularly impactful was the hands-on approach. Educators were not only introduced to the concept but were also guided through the process of creating and implementing their own video quizzes. This practical aspect ensured that attendees left with not just theoretical knowledge but with the beginnings of a plan ready to be implemented in their own courses. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many participants expressing excitement about incorporating these innovative digital approaches into their teaching.


Panel: How Educators Can Support Student Wellbeing Via Innovative Pedagogy and Flexibility

Wellbeing Panel

The panel discussion titled “How Educators Can Support Student Wellbeing Via Innovative Pedagogy and Flexibility” brought together a diverse group of experts from various educational backgrounds and roles, including faculty from various other Colleges, Georgia Tech’s own Dr. Manpreet Hora, and John Ollmann an MBA student and TA for Scheller. This session was a deep dive into the essential yet often overlooked aspect of student wellbeing.

Panelists answered a variety of questions from their moderators, Dr. Rudchenko and Dr. Spezzo, as well as various questions from the audience. The panelists shared their various experiences and insights on how course structures and instructor actions can significantly impact student wellbeing. The diversity of the panel ensured a rich tapestry of viewpoints, making the discussion incredibly enlightening for the audience. Educators left with a renewed understanding of the importance of flexibility and innovative pedagogy in supporting student mental health and wellbeing.


Workshop: Harnessing AI in the Classroom: A Discussion on Utilizing Generative AI in Teaching Operations Management and Analytics

Dr. Spezzo speaks on AIFinally, the “Harnessing AI in the Classroom” workshop was an exploration into the potential of Generative AI in teaching Operations Management and Analytics which could be applied to many different courses. This session was particularly notable for its blend of theory and practice. Dr. Rudchenko introduced the session while Dr. Spezzo starting things off giving a general summary of AI’s impact on educational practices within the last year. He was followed by various faculty speakers including one of CTL’s prolific Provost Teaching and Learning Fellows Dr. Mike Smith who shared his recent experiences with incorporating AI tools into his teaching methods and course creation process. The room was packed with faculty from all over, eager to hear about the positive and practical usages of AI that they could take back to their own classrooms.

A highlight of this workshop was the group discussions after the presentations, which allowed participants to get the presenter’s thoughts on theDr. Mike Smith talks about AI various challenges that they face in using generative AI. These discussions were not only insightful but also encouraged educators to continue exploring and implementing AI in their teaching. The practical insights and collaborative environment of this workshop marked it as a significant step forward in embracing AI in education.

In conclusion, these sessions at the Decisions Science Institute Conference, developed in partnership with CTL and featuring many Georgia Tech faculty CTL works with, were more than just successful – they were transformative. They demonstrated CTL’s commitment to partnering with faculty to pioneer educational innovations and underscored the importance of technology, wellbeing, and AI in the evolving landscape of teaching and learning.


*Note, parts of this blog post were written with the help of ChatGPT 4.0

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