Welcome to Teaching at Georgia Tech

On behalf of the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty, welcome to Georgia Tech. As new instructors across roles and Colleges, you will make a difference in your students’ education, and we’re glad to have you here.

Please review our Teaching at Georgia Tech faculty guidebook, which can be accessed here. It includes helpful information about best practices in teaching, policies pertaining to teaching at Georgia Tech, and testimonials from faculty and students about their best teaching and learning experiences at Tech. Challenge yourself in your knowledge of GT policies pertaining to teaching with  these scenarios: What would be a better way to address them, following Tech policies? f

Below you will find short videos from experienced Georgia Tech folks in similar roles as yourself. We asked them to tell you a little bit about themselves and their teaching as well as some tips and pieces of advice for working with Tech students.

Danielle Willkens, assistant professor, School of Architecture, offers a general welcome to the Georgia Tech community.

Ryan Sherman, Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, shares what he’s learned about teaching at Georgia Tech.

Assistant Professor of Industrial Design Dr. Sang Leigh talks about challenging and building rapport with students.

Dr. Ben Yang, Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute and School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, talks about the benefits of teaching as a researcher and connecting with students.


Kantwon Rogers, Graduate Instructor of Record, College of Computing, talks about teaching large classes and actively engaging students.


Dr. Emily Alicea-Munoz, Research Technician, School of Physics, talks about adapting a TA training course for remote delivery and engaging students in workshop style-classes as well as large lectures.


Dr. Gerandy Brito, Lecturer, College of Computing, talks about teaching both online and face-to-face and managing TAs.

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