Dealing with the Unexpected

During a regular semester, instructors often run into unexpected situations requiring solutions that allow their course to proceed smoothly. Perhaps a student responds in an unexpected way to a comment in class, or you find yourself getting your appendix removed just hours before class was supposed to meet. Maybe an international student has a visa issue and needs to miss a class presentation in order to travel to their home country and sort it out. Perhaps you are worried about the mental health of a student, or you find yourself confronted by an upset parent. The list, as I’m sure you’ll agree, could go on and on.

In addition to these regular surprises, the Fall 2017 semester has brought us a number of extra challenges: a new campus carry law, an awesome eclipse interrupting the first day of class, an angry lady named Irma forcing us to close campus for a few days, a high profile student death followed by campus protests…

With this in mind, please join us for our next Faculty Development Workshop: Dealing with the Unexpected, featuring Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer and Dean John Stein, with contributions from Georgia Tech’s “Let’s Try This! Improv Troupe,” the Academic Advocacy and Conflict Resolution Team, the Counseling Center, and the GTPD Police Department.

More information and registration are available here.


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