Provost Teaching and Learning Fellows 2020-2022

The third cohort of the Provost Teaching and Learning Fellows (PTLF) met on Tuesday, September 15, to kick off their 2020-2022 term together.

The PTLF program is a collaboration between the Office of the Provost and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) with the goal of creating a “hub-and-spoke” model that connects the expertise of disciplinary faculty in each college with professionals in CTL to strengthen evidence-based teaching and learning at Georgia Tech. During their two-year terms, PTLFs work with CTL to provide an embedded system of on-going instructional support in each of the colleges and contribute to special campus-wide initiatives as well.

By partnering with CTL, PTLFs play an important leadership role in their disciplines and contribute to educational excellence at Georgia Tech. This partnership allows CTL to grow deeper roots in the colleges and complement the subject-matter expertise of the faculty. Working together, PTLFs and CTL faculty support the professional development of all instructional faculty and enhance the learning experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.

A distinguishing feature for this cohort will be the themed faculty learning communities (FLCs) they build and facilitate during their time as PTLs. Each of the four groups will examine pedagogical topics critical at Georgia Tech: academic well-being, anti-racist pedagogy, remote teaching and learning, and blended learning courses. These groups contain PTLFs from different disciplines to great a rich environment for learning and collaboration, and this structure will allow PTLFs to take the knowledge built from the FLCs into the Colleges

2020-22 PTLF Faculty Learning Communities

Promotion of student academic well-being and supportive classroom learning environments
Co-facilitators: David Lawrence & Joyce Weinsheimer, Center for Teaching and Learning
Satish Kumar, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Jake Soper, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Charles Rudolph, Associate Professor, Architecture
Linda Wills, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Support for faculty in becoming anti-racist educators
Co-facilitators: Carol Subiño Sullivan, CTL & Ruth Yow, Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain
Laura Bier, Associate Professor, History and Sociology
Kirk Bowman, Professor, International Affairs
D. J. Wu, Associate Professor, Scheller College of Business
Josephine Yu, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Promotion of faculty pedagogical success in fully online courses and recommendations for appropriately assessing online teaching
Co-facilitators: Vincent Spezzo, CTL, & Troy Courville ,Professional Education
Polo Chau, Associate Professor, Computational Science and Engineering
Brian Gunter, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Julia Melkers, Associate Professor, Public Policy
Lizhen Xu, Professor, Scheller College of Business

Professional development for faculty who want to teach “blended” courses that incorporate best practices for both face-to-face and online teaching.
Co-facilitators: Rebecca Pope-Ruark & Chaohua Ou, CTL
Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi, Associate Professor, Building Construction
Adam Steinberg, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Ignacio Taboada, Associate Professor, Physics
Ying Zhang, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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