Short Take: What Students Wish You Knew

On September 22nd, the Chronicle of Higher Education and two corporate partners will be hosting a free virtual forum titled, What Students Wished Their Professors Knew. Here are the details from the registration page:

The Covid-19 crisis has given new significance to the dynamics of the online classroom. As the fall semester begins in full virtual or hybrid mode, what lessons from last spring are colleges applying, and how are they gauging students’ feedback to best support their learning?

Faculty development was a big focus over the summer. Now, how are instructors meeting heightened expectations to engage students, promote active learning, and create community? What approaches do students appreciate and respond to, and what moves can be counterproductive? This virtual forum will continue the conversation on innovation in the online classroom today.

Our expert panel will explore:
– Early insights into teaching and learning in the pandemic era
– How professors are helping students cope
– What common challenges students see, and how to overcome them

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