Grading Reimagined: Rethinking Assessment with Emerging Grading Techniques

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On February 17, 2022, the Center for Teaching and Learning presented a teaching workshop, “Grading Reimagined: Rethinking Assessment with Emerging Grading Techniques.” The workshop was held in a hybrid format with participants joining both in person and virtually. Below is the workshop description, link to the handouts, and video.

Workshop description:

What if you could develop a grading structure that increases students’ intrinsic motivation for learning and encourages them to use your feedback to improve their learning while reducing their focus on points? At this interactive session, participants will identify common challenges inherent in traditional grading. We will explore alternatives to traditional grading that could alleviate typical grading challenges while reinforcing student learning. Participants will create an implementation plan that will allow them to begin to incorporate elements of an emerging grading system that fits their specific goals and situation.


Workshop goals:

1. Identify pain points in traditional grading systems and consider ways alternative grading approaches can better support student learning

2. Compare the impact of alternative grading and traditional grading on student learning and instructor experience

3. Identify an opportunity to get started with specifications grading in your own teaching


Workshop Handout


Workshop Facilitators
Dr. William Howitz | Academic Professional | School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Kate Williams| Assistant Director of Future Faculty and TA Development| Center for Teaching and Learning


Workshop Video:

The video starts just after the opening introduction and reflection (Activity 1 and Reflection on the first page of the handout). It edits out the pauses for the group work. Total run time is 56 minutes 39 seconds.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Carol Subiño Sullivan.

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